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Tax classification holds paramount significance and demands meticulous attention within any company. It serves as the basis for tracking products and commodities that are subject to the country's regulations. Moreover, it plays a Key role in monitoring critical commercialization data.

To grasp the essence of tax classification, envision it as a numerical code assigned to each item, facilitating the identification of product data for internal administrative purposes.

When executed accurately, tax classification ensures the company aligns with the government's tax regime. Therefore, accurate data entry is vital to avoid potential inconveniences with the tax authorities.

From Brazil to the World: Embracing Global Trade


One of the greatest milestones for any company is exporting its products. However, this can only happen if the tax classification of the product meets the required standards. Yet, each country maintains its specific classification system. In Brazil's case, it operates under the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM).


The NCM serves as a product classification code adopted by Mercosur member countries. With this code and the correct fiscal documents, the tax classification of articles becomes regulated in compliance with Brazilian laws and those of Mercosur.


In merchandise tax classification, each code is unique and denotes different product types, streamlining fiscal oversight for companies, suppliers, and partners. However, to execute this process effectively, attention to detail and comprehensive data for each commercialized article are imperative.

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Consequently, the initial phase of tax classification should be conducted by the company. Subsequently, the data must be forwarded to the accountant for verification and assistance in managing service taxes in accordance with government requirements.

Manage Your Company's Taxes and Avoid Penalties

For effective implementation and achievement of all its goals and responsibilities, the process of data governance requires adherence to specific steps during data collection. This ensures the institution avoids ethical, financial, or temporal repercussions.

Explore Tax Credits: Boosting Financial Sustainability

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Amidst the array of tax obligations for companies, the government extends benefits aimed at reducing taxes and fostering business growth. Tax credits, for instance, stand as a key way for sustaining a company's financial health while honoring tax responsibilities.

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In essence, this credit is calculated based on the company's sales or invoicing figures. However, specific regulations govern eligibility for this benefit, making it inaccessible to all companies.


To secure this tax rebate, adherence to guidelines outlined by the Federal Revenue Service is crucial—compliance and utilization of taxes such as ICMS, IPI, among others, are vital. Understanding and complying with these rules is imperative to receive these refunds.

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