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Klassmatt offers native integration with SAP.

Simple for users. Seamless for managers!
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What are the bennefits of this integration?

Efficiency at Speed

Experience seamless integration between the SAP Management System and Klassmatt Platform. Our native connection minimizes communication errors, ensuring a swift and automated process without external interventions.

Robust Security Measures

Rest easy knowing your data travels through SAP's fortified infrastructure. The SAP Cloud Connector, our local proxy agent, grants access solely to integration-specific resources, safeguarding your information.

Comprehensive Support

Utilize our internal database center to request, modify, or expand information across your company's SAP system, leveraging Klassmatt's facilitation for streamlined operations.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Embrace SAP BTP Integration, eliminating the need for local infrastructure investments. Our cloud-based environment handles substantial data volumes efficiently.

Standardized Material Descriptions

Crafting PDM involves meticulous attention to regional nuances and internal specifications, ensuring consistent and accurate descriptions.

Unified Data Integrity

Through Klassmatt's ERP integration, achieve a singular, unified data registry, preserving the integrity of your information.

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