Data Integration

Data integration is the process of consolidating information from diverse sources for a unified and smarter visualization. This enables companies to make more precise and practical decisions.

At Klassmatt, various integration models are available to ensure your organization has top-notch processes, incorporating intelligent, secure, and practical data collection. Learn more about this topic and the procedures so that you have all the information you need to acquire the best service for your company.

What is ERP Integration?

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a business management software that automates manual processes, storing data and aligning result visualization.

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ERP consolidates information and streamlines workflow across various company departments. As each sector requires tools for daily tasks, ERP acts as a central hub for workflow management.


This alignment fosters inter-departmental communication and aids decision-making, empowering the organization with operational autonomy and integrated communication. Integrating ERP with Klassmatt ensures data uniformity and safeguards your company's data integrity.

Leveraging Master Data for Business Excellence

In the world of business, comprehensive and accurate information is key. Enter master data—the bedrock of essential business insights. From customer profiles to product specifics and location data, these elements form the backbone of seamless operations. They ensure a unified understanding across systems, allowing for informed decision-making.

At Klassmatt, we specialize in cutting-edge API integrations. What's more, our partnership with SAP enables us to harness the power of their BTP (Business Technology Platform) for rapid and secure integrations. Let's elevate your business efficiency together!

Data Integrity: Fortifying Your Information Fortress

Picture this: your data, a fortress of trust and reliability, standing tall against unauthorized alterations or mishandling throughout its journey. Data integrity isn't just a security feature; it's the backbone of ensuring your information remains solid and dependable, safeguarding against compromises that could disrupt your entire organizational blueprint.

In the world of digital landscapes, threats to data integrity lurk everywhere—human errors, transfer mishaps, bugs, viruses, and compromised hardware. These adversaries pose a risk to the very core of your data's reliability. Protecting data integrity isn't just a necessity; it's a shield against potential chaos, ensuring your business sails smoothly through the storms of modern data challenges.

Klassmatt: Trust in Excellence

At Klassmatt, our data integration models are tailor-made to fit your needs perfectly. We kick off with a project scope that involves collaborative efforts between our expert IT team and yours, ensuring seamless integration with all major ERPs in the market. Plus, you're always in the know with our intuitive monitoring screen and detailed activity logs.

Rest assured, information exchange between systems is fortified within our secure servers, ensuring data authentication at every step. Our SaaS format also slashes infrastructure costs to zero, offering versatile web service integration options for any ERP or via the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Integration with all ERPs in the market

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