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We Offer In-Person and Virtual Training Sessions.

For the success of a Data Sanitization and Governance project, it’s crucial that you, as our client, get acquainted with the Klassmatt Platform and our work methodology.

That’s why we provide meticulously crafted training sessions.

Training forms we offer


Learn about the Klassmatt methodology aligned with certified standards for information taxonomy. Get assistance in developing PDM, PDS, and more. ​


Receive dedicated technical support for activities from system implementation to setting up the cataloger center and validating workflow.


Explore the features of the Klassmatt platform. Navigate, search, add media, request new items (SIN), and resolve pending tasks.

Over than 790 successfull projects!

For over 24 years, Klassmatt has been dedicated to assisting businesses in cleansing and standardizing material and service registries.

We firmly believe that data stands as a company’s most valuable asset, which is why we’ve revolutionized the master data landscape with our Klassmatt Platform. Our platform offers robust functionalities designed to assist companies of all sizes and sectors in product management and standardization, streamlining the path to success.

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