Data Cleansing and Governance of materials and services registrations in a single interface!

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Klassmatt Platform: Designed to Grow with Your Business​!

Smart Search Technology: Faster, more intuitive and more competitive.

Online Integration With ERPs

Native Integration with SAP BTP

Fiscal Questionnaire and Integrated TIPI Table​

Online Integration With ERPs

Native Integration with SAP BTP

Fiscal Questionnaire and Integrated TIPI Table​

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Image Search App

Application developed exclusively by Klassmatt S.A. in partnership with SAP that performs image recognition to search for items in the database.

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Separation of terms by periods, commas and colons

Padrões descritivos enriquecidos e personalizados por cliente

Technically specified material name

Advanced taxonomy of technical/equivalent terms

Klassforr Centralizada

Removing prepositions and special characters

Addition of media and technical specifications

Approval certificate from the Ministry of Labor (AC)

Creation of short, long and e-commerce descriptions

95% have upgraded their internal registration processes to our hub, slashing costs and supercharging efficiency.​

Our client has the choice to establish a cataloging hub with full support and infrastructure from Klassmatt, or opt to outsource their registrations to us in a BPO format.

Choose from SLAs of 4, 8, or 16 business hours for new registrations.​

Access a diverse, highly specialized team.​

Reduce operational risks and costs.​

Benefit from established, intelligent approval workflows.​

Experience ongoing optimization of master databases.​

Reclaim and manage tax credits seamlessly.​

Scale seamlessly to meet seasonal demands.

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Master Data Governance​

With the governance service combined with the Klassmatt Platform, your company guarantees greater agility in registering new items and maintaining the quality of the information obtained during sanitation

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