KlassWhats simplifies your daily operations by providing access to our platform's top advantages through WhatsApp. We're the first to offer this service, granting access to all features.

Discover the countless benefits of this new functionality below. It's designed to streamline your company's data and information management. And if you're not yet familiar with data governance, it's a vital set of policies and practices ensuring the ethical and effective use of collected and shared data within a company.

Why Choose KlassWhats for Your Company?

KlassWhats introduces five functionalities for users: item search by description, ERP code, part number, monitoring item requests in workflow, and general item requests (SIN).

Explore the Benefits:

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Fast Requests

Save time by swiftly searching and requesting items, reducing lead time for registrations and purchases, injecting agility into your company. Our platform is tailored to meet your specific needs.

problem solving

Simplified Processes

Integration with WhatsApp brings ease. Users can access these tools securely, away from their computers, while tracking orders through WhatsApp.

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Integration Model

Our diverse integration models aim to establish your company as a market leader, intelligently and effectively storing data and information. This new feature integrates seamlessly with the Klassmatt Platform, enabling simplified, agile, and intelligent processes accessible via any device with WhatsApp and internet.

With KlassWhats, Data Integrity Remains Unaffected

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Web Security
Data integrity ensures the reliability and consistency of a company's information throughout its lifecycle, preventing unauthorized alterations.


Given its significance, data integrity stands at the core of numerous security solutions. Therefore, even with the integration of KlassWhats and the company's information, this data remains unaffected, incredibly reliable, and secure.


This new feature will serve as another integration model, allowing your company to adopt the best processes with intelligent, secure, and practical data collection

Service Showcase

Experience the Power of KlassWhats! Beyond the mentioned benefits, discover KlassWhats in action. Request a demonstration to dive into how this innovative feature functions and get a sneak peek into accessing our platform's full potential. Contact us to schedule a meeting with our specialist. They'll walk you through these exciting features and address any queries during the presentation.

Streamline Your Company's Processes with Klassmatt

Klassmatt specializes in Master Data Governance, Data Management, and Big Data solutions.

Now, introducing our supplier validation platform—crafted for your company's excellence. With KlassWhats, simplify your daily operations. Harnessing the efficiency and security of our platform, this new feature grants access to all functionalities, enhancing your company's processes for success and the agility you seek.

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