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Cleansing data means keeping all information updated and standardized. It involves ensuring that every field, including those designated for digital record-keeping, is duly accounted for. It’s a comprehensive process covering fiscal, tax, and accounting aspects.

This process involves the registration of new items, ensuring the maintenance of a descriptive standard and reliable master data for the purchase and sale of materials and services. There’s an option for internal team training or outsourcing the registrations to our central system.

The Descriptive Standardization, or PDM, serves as a methodology for data cleansing, aiming to set rules and parameters for naming and describing all materials and services the company deals with. This ensures that any employee identifying or even checking available goods knows these standards, ensuring reliable master data.

Access to the platform environment is through the following address: . Request the link from the responsible party or call +55 51 3093-7200.

To change your access password, follow these steps: Log in to your user account. On the Klassmatt opening screen, select “Change Password” in the “Settings” box. Enter your current password, then input the new password. Finally, click “CONFIRM” to complete the process.

If you’ve forgotten your access password, you can request a new one through the following options:
Phone: +55 51 3093-7200
Help-Desk ticketing portal.

Service-Desk response time (SLA)

Within 24 hours of opening the request.

In the main menu, choose the option “Search Items” in the “Search” box. Select the filter that best suits your search, such as name, item code, or manufacturer. Then, input the information in the value field and click on “Search.”

The cancellation option is available at all stages until the submission for Cataloging. Post that, cancellation requests should be made via phone at (51) 3093-7200, through email at, or via the Help-Desk ticketing portal.

When an NIR (New Item Request) reaches the “Review” stage, the requester needs to check the queries raised by the cataloger. Once you have the response, click on “Submit” and provide the necessary information to return it to the cataloging team.

To create a New Item Request (NIR):
1. Search for the item and choose a description standard. Fill in all the details and hit ‘Continue.’ Edit specifics like item type, measurement, and origin. When ready, click ‘Submit’ at the bottom to move to the next stage.
2. If the standard isn’t found, select ‘Didn’t find the descriptive standard for the item you want to create.’ Paste details into ‘Technical Specifications,’ click ‘Continue,’ and edit specifics. Click ‘Submit’ when done to proceed with the SIN.

In the Klassmatt system, you receive email notifications for each step of an item’s progress. Alternatively, track it in the production environment.
Access ‘Request Tracking’ in the main menu under ‘Item Requests.’
Choose ‘All requests’ in the ‘Display’ filter and enter the request number. Klassmatt shows the current stage and update time.

Normal: Requests have a maximum processing time of 16 business hours.

Urgent: Requests have a maximum processing time of 8 business hours.

Priority: Requests initially made under normal processing can be upgraded to urgent upon requester’s request, then handled within 8 business hours.

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