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You refer a company in need of data management solutions, and if your referral leads to a closed contract, you’ll be rewarded. Your payment will be deposited into your account once the referred company completes their payment.

How To Become a Partner?

To partner with Klassmatt, be attentive to businesses seeking data management or cleansing solutions. Your contribution is vital to our partnership network. Refer relevant business contacts by providing their names, phones, and emails. Your role is pivotal in fostering strategic alliances among major corporations, expanding our clientele, and enabling collaboration opportunities.

It’s more than just a financial opportunity; it’s a strategic way to build robust partnerships among leading enterprises.

By joining forces with us, you’ll strengthen your company’s presence in our client roster, recommend our services to complement your offerings, and explore collaboration and negotiation prospects.

Seize the chance to expand and support your business while aiding others in finding necessary solutions.

We take pride in leading Latin America in Master Data Sanitation, Governance, and Big Data.

For over 24 years, Klassmatt has been dedicated to assisting businesses in cleansing and standardizing material and service registries.

We firmly believe that data stands as a company’s most valuable asset, which is why we’ve revolutionized the master data landscape with our Klassmatt Platform. Our platform offers robust functionalities designed to assist companies of all sizes and sectors in product management and standardization, streamlining the path to success.

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Why Our Business Partners are the Smart Choice?

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Proven Expertise

Our partners have years of experience in master data and digital transformation.

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Customized Solutions​

We adapt our solutions to meet your company's unique needs.


Tangible Outcomes​

Witness a significant increase in efficiency and profitability.


Strategic Collaboration

We collaborate with you and our partners to achieve your goals.


ERP Integration

The Klassmatt Platform seamlessly integrates with various ERP systems, ensuring data consistency.


Certified Methodology

Our Data Cleansing method meets (inter)national standards for Material and Service Cataloging.

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Meet our partners of excellence in Master Data​

Right Sized Inventory (RSI) offers a patented, cloud-based predictive analytics inventory optimization solution that simulates real-world customer environments, predicts optimal inventory levels item by item, and enables companies to achieve better business results by eliminating imbalances inventory.

V360 is software that optimizes the tax receipt process for large companies. The V360 was created to enable your company to evolve the payment process for large companies in Brazil. Centralization and automation of the payment chain: from capturing the invoice to recording it on the invoice. Technology and best practices for more optimized processes.

COOBO is a provider of spend management solutions designed to improve processes by combining robust methods with cutting-edge technologies. Focused on providing sustainable cost reduction measures with transparency and efficiency, COOBO has solutions that allow companies to take advantage of new market opportunities and remain competitive.

TATICCA provides external and internal auditing, tax, business consultancy and advisory services, corporate finance, training, technology, expertise and investigations, sustainability, risk mapping and related services. With more than 20 years of experience, it has a qualified and experienced team of professionals from the most diverse areas of business, working in global companies, and specialized in complex transactions.

BI Smart is a technology company specialized in data analysis, providing large companies with a competitive advantage through strategic decisions based on data. Our focus is to drive significant improvements, increasing operational efficiency, reducing waste and promoting continuous process improvements. We offer personalized services, using the most appropriate tools on the market to meet the specific needs of each client.

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Nossa operação está com capacidade reduzida neste momento, mas nenhuma área está inoperante.

Pedimos compreensão aos nossos clientes e parceiros por eventuais tempos de resposta maiores ou repactuação de alguns prazos, na certeza de que tudo se resolverá e sairemos mais fortes deste momento.


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Estamos juntando esforços e doações para ajudá-los na reconstrução de suas casas. Caso queiram contribuir, suas doações serão muito bem-vindas através do pix abaixo.

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