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Agility in registrations

We use our database and our know-how to provide the necessary agility in delivering new items.

Assertive purchasing

With a Data Governance program, each item will have all the details necessary for purchase. All this through our item standardization process.

Reliable master data

Have control and confidence in the quality of information through organized and easy-to-understand master data.

Request Flow

Your request for a new item goes through the pre-established workflow, allowing the customer to monitor and fully manage the SLA in real time.

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How will the Klassmatt Data Governance help your company?

Data Governance is a set of policies and practices that help manage, protect and leverage the data collected and shared across an enterprise so that it is used ethically and effectively.

An essential strategy to achieve your results!

For Data Governance to be carried out effectively and comply with all its objectives and obligations, some steps must be followed during the collection process. This is all so that the institution does not suffer any ethical, financial or even temporal losses.

The correct and constant management of Master Data — the basic set of data for a business — is essential. They are essential so that the company does not undergo any type of change, representing the business and transactions carried out by it.

The lack of this management can generate uncomfortable issues for the company, as previously mentioned. Therefore, it is important to always have this service fully organized and managed in order to facilitate interaction between all sectors of the institution and its branches, if any.

This data is usually collected from the beginning to the current activities of the company, regardless of its size. By collecting this information, it is possible to provide greater precision to data governance to carry out more complete and secure work.

Data Governance and Data Management: Is There a Difference?

Data governance operates based on this research, ensuring that data collection occurs securely and ethically, controlling the data in a transparent, accurate, and comprehensive manner. However, data management is crucial for the effective functioning of governance.​

These data and insights are only put into practice through data management. This sector analyzes, strategizes, and digs into the information obtained. Hence, that’s where the distinction lies between data management and data governance.

As we already know, data governance is the organizational process responsible for establishing policies, procedures, and guidelines within a company based on collected data. It introduces new processes enabling departments to deliver positive, high-quality outcomes while upholding ethical standards.
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Empower Your Business and Stand Out in the Market with Klassmatt ​

For a company to achieve success, resolving internal matters is crucial. To accomplish this, beyond skilled professionals, utilizing a platform that provides comprehensive support is essential – enter Klassmatt.

By adopting this software, you’ll experience streamlined data entry, team training, precise purchasing, and reliable data, among other functionalities. These are just a few of the many features that undoubtedly add value to your enterprise, fostering ethics, security, and new business opportunities.

So, for those not yet familiar with data governance, it’s essentially a set of policies and practices designed to manage, safeguard, and leverage collected and shared data within a company for ethical and effective use.

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