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Data Cleansing, Master Data Governance, and Big Data Solutions for Materials, Services, Clients, and Suppliers.

reduction in purchasing lead time
savings in purchases, lead time, and inventory value
decrease in procurement expenses
savings in tax recovery
profit increase from item deactivation
savings in incorrect purchasing and returns

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I would like to congratulate the team that provides support for our activities on the Klassmatt Portal for the significant improvements in the management and handling of Service Desk tickets. My sincere thanks for the partnership and dedication as always!

Carlos Vieira Carvalho – Procurement Analyst

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Unlock the power of data cleansing and governance across all sectors.

Rely on Klassmatt to manage projects of all sizes, spanning from healthcare to mining, across multiple countries. We have already done the thinking for you!

We have Success Stories in Various Sectors! Industries:

Our dedication to excellence ensures your success.

Transform your business with our advanced solutions in Sanitation, Master Data Governance (Materials, Services, Customers, and Suppliers), and Big Data. Experience unparalleled results  as we revolutionize the way you manage and optimize your operations. Trust us to deliver excellence every step of the way.

Master Data Cleansing (Materials, Services, Clients, and Suppliers)

In addition to assisting with accurate and comprehensive product registrations, our material cleansing process effectively cleanses the database. Apart from registrations, Master Data Cleansing addresses issues related to Tax Classification and Descriptive Standards.

Klassmatt Platform

Engineered to support and fuel your company's growth, the Klassmatt Platform provides solutions for cleansing and managing material and service data governance.

Data Governance

Data Governance consists of a set of policies and practices that help manage, protect, and leverage the data collected and shared in a company to ensure they are used ethically and effectively.

The Klassmatt Platform effectively resolves any issues in a fast and efficient manner.

Take advantage of our platform to overcome any challenges and minimize their impacts.

Materials and Products

Incorrect descriptions and errors in tax classification removal, multiple data records and lack of information elimination.

Services and Outsourcing

Rectify incorrect classification according to the NBS and the Law 116, incorrect descriptions and a large number of non-standardised items.

Suppliers and Partners

Solve any legal and financial challenges, as well as a general lack of resources.

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Klassforr Centralizada

Standardize your data

Standardize your information, cleanse your technical data and ensure quality descriptions!

Boost your efficiency

Easy supplier mapping database enrichment, and tax and fiscal compliance.

Minimizing Costs

Process traceability, operational cost reduction, elimination of rework.

Based on our research, you can expect immediate and significant improvements in the following areas:

Lack of Information


Incorrect Descriptions


Tax Classification Errors




Generic Codes


No matter the ERP, Klassmatt is seamlessly integrated with the market ecosystem.

Our cutting-edge systems, cloud computing, and high-performance connections ensure that your ERP is connected to your future optimizations.


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Nossa operação está com capacidade reduzida neste momento, mas nenhuma área está inoperante.

Pedimos compreensão aos nossos clientes e parceiros por eventuais tempos de resposta maiores ou repactuação de alguns prazos, na certeza de que tudo se resolverá e sairemos mais fortes deste momento.


Infelizmente, 30 colaboradores da Klassmatt foram severamente afetados e perderam suas casas, inundadas pela enchente que assola Porto Alegre e região metropolitana.

Estamos juntando esforços e doações para ajudá-los na reconstrução de suas casas. Caso queiram contribuir, suas doações serão muito bem-vindas através do pix abaixo.

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