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Looking to streamline expenses and boost efficiency in inventory management? Embracing a standardized approach to describing materials and services can revolutionize your company. This strategic move optimizes your financial resources, ultimately elevating profit margins.

Beyond cost-saving benefits, implementing Material and Service Descriptive Standardization (PDM) yields precise item information. This empowers your company to make more informed and successful decisions.

At Klassmatt, our platform specializes in developing descriptive standards for materials and services across diverse sectors including consumer goods, infrastructure, energy, and mining.

Eliminating Duplicate Items


In the daily management of company inventories, encountering duplicate items in the product registry is a prevalent issue. This often arises from incorrect data entry or inefficient management systems.


Despite posing a significant threat to business operations, the scourge of duplicate items can be eradicated through the implementation of standardized material and service descriptions. Klassmatt conducts a comprehensive database analysis to eliminate items that have been mistakenly registered multiple times.

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At Klassmatt, we specialize in defining descriptive standards for materials and services. This involves crafting concise yet comprehensive records, considering regional and internal expressions to form short and long descriptions.

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By adopting this approach, employees who consult the goods have insight into the standards established by our methodology for cleaning up material records. As a result, all the areas of the company work in sync and communicate effectively in a common language.

Information Enrichment

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The descriptive standard enriches the information in the item registry by focusing on the completion of key fields such as attributes, tax classification, media, and references.


It also includes manufacturer data and the technical description of any materials and services used by the company. This meticulous approach ensures data reliability and integrity.

Material Identification


At Klassmatt, our solution extends to fieldwork, where our focus is on precise identification, recording, and analysis of both direct and indirect materials.

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Every company possesses its distinct purchasing DNA, along with unique needs and goals. Through tailored descriptive standards, we ensure adherence to these individual company traits, delivering material and service descriptions perfectly aligned with the specific demands of your business.

Tax Compliance

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As part of our descriptive standardization services, Klassmatt ensures tax compliance, minimizing the risk of fines and legal issues.

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Our tax compliance solution encompasses the preparation of a tax questionnaire based on the TIPI table. Additionally, it involves the classification of materials and services using NCM/NBS, UNSPSC, Law. 116, and CEST codes, effectively reducing tax-related risks.

Technical Translation

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With Klassmatt's assistance, achieving a descriptive translation of registrations with technical specifications, while honoring local expressions and characteristics in various languages, becomes feasible. This ensures your business remains unaffected by any miscommunication, irrespective of the language employed.

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