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Embrace the Power of Data Governance

While data governance might not be in everyone's daily lexicon, its impact is far-reaching and essential. It serves as the bedrock for institutions, ensuring secure handling of sensitive information and propelling organizational success.

For those new to the concept, data governance involves a series of policies and practices crafted to manage, safeguard, and optimize shared data ethically within a company.

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Data Governance and Data Management: Is There a Difference?


As we already know, data governance is the organizational process responsible for establishing policies, procedures, and guidelines within a company based on collected data. It introduces new processes enabling departments to deliver positive, high-quality outcomes while upholding ethical standards.


These data and insights are only put into practice through data management. This sector analyzes, strategizes, and digs into the information obtained. Hence, that's where the distinction lies between data management and data governance.


Data governance operates based on this research, ensuring that data collection occurs securely and ethically, controlling the data in a transparent, accurate, and comprehensive manner. However, data management is crucial for the effective functioning of governance.

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So, for those not yet familiar with data governance, it's essentially a set of policies and practices designed to manage, safeguard, and leverage collected and shared data within a company for ethical and effective use.

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