Unlocking the potential of your business through robust Data Governance isn’t just a choice; it’s an absolute necessity in today’s competitive landscape!

Here are six compelling reasons why you should opt for Materials, Services, Customers and Suppliers Data Governance through Klassmatt’s service-oriented platform:


Empower Purchase Requisitions: Make assertive decisions confidently.


Eliminate Duplicates: Completely eradicate redundant data entries.


Ensure Agile SLAs: Swiftly handle new registrations with agility.


Cut Purchasing Costs: Reduce expenses in the procurement process.


Optimize Supplier Deals: Secure better pricing and terms.


Service-Focused Software: Our solutions are developed, hosted, and delivered online, providing scalable, accessible, and customizable services tailored to your business needs.

Explore a new era of business efficiency with our innovative service-based software solutions. Designed to meet the specific needs of your enterprise, our hosted and scalable services provide unmatched accessibility and customization. Our dedicated team meticulously registers data in a tailor-made format, ensuring precision and efficiency. Each company receives a unique solution crafted to enhance operations and drive success. Experience the ease of data handling, leaving you free to focus on what matters most – the success of your business.

Figures that make us a well established global Data Sanitization Company

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Sanitezed items

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Items being currently sanitized

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Sanitized items/year

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Excellence and expertise in data sanitation

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Users at Klassmatt Plataform

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Data sanitation projects

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Specialized personnel

At Klassmatt, our commitment is to deliver unwavering solutions that amplify your results!

We guarantee up to:


 slash in purchase process costs


reduction in procurement lead times, solidifying data governance


drop in incorrect purchases and returns


decrease in material tax recovery


savings on purchasing, payment terms, and inventory valuation

Kickstart your journey with a Database Diagnostics Free Trial today!

FREE TRIAL: Start your free database diagnosis now.


Share a CSV list of your data with us.


A technical professional will analyze your records and create a presentation.


Initially, we will explain our process for achieving material compliance and our approach to data cleansing.
Then we will provide you with a comprehensive CSV format analysis of your database, along with examples of noncompliant materials, spelling errors, and related issues.
Additionally, we will conduct an initial analysis of all duplicate entries in your database.
Finally, we will provide you with a technical perspective of your data record.

Key Benefits of Klassmatt's Data Governance Klassmatt:

Support Center

Request new data and seek assistance promptly. Our specialized team provides comprehensive data within 4, 8, or 16 hours.

Improved Risk Management

Minimize risks and operating costs through our unique data governance approach. Schedule a free meeting with our experts to explore further.

Best SLA in the Industry

Achieve rapid responses (4, 8, or 16 hours) for new registrations, including comprehensive descriptions, multiple media formats, translations, and tax classification.

Certified Methodology

Our certifications adhere to national and international standards, ensuring highly effective Data Governance based on 23 years of experience and expert guidance.

Tax Credit Mitigation and Recovery

Partnering with Klassmatt's Data Center ensures descriptive and fiscal compliance, enhancing your assertiveness.


Manage seasonal business needs effectively using Klassmatt's Data Center, enhancing Data Governance efficiency during peak demand.

Outsource your data to us in BPO format or create a Data Management Center with all Klassmatt support and structure services.

More than



successfully implemented.

Across 24 years of experience, we’ve successfully implemented Data Cleansing centers in hundreds of companies across diverse sectors in over 35 countries.

Our expertise guarantees the SECURITY and QUALITY you need to drive results and maintain excellence.

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Operating Countries

I would like to congratulate the team that supports our activities on the Klassmatt platform for the significant improvements in the control and handling of service desk calls. Thank you for your partnership and dedication! 

Carlos Vieira Carvalho, Supply Analyst

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Klassmatt transforms your data challenges into reliable information:

Key Data Management points that need Improvement:

Lack of information
Incorrect descriptions
Tax classification errors
Multiplicity errors
Generic codes

Klassmatt warranty

1-year guarantee for any item registered in Klassmatt.

If there's any error in an item registered by our Data Cleansing Center within 1 year, we'll re-register it at no additional cost within the contract.

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