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For over 24 years, we have provided top-notch Master Data Management while also offering support in Supply Chain Management, Procurement, and Supplier Approval.

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Klassmatt's Journey

Klassmatt, founded in 1999, started off by providing consultancy and sanitation services for material and service registers. However, with the development of the Klassmatt Platform, the company rapidly expanded its operations. Over time, Klassmatt underwent several transformations including relocating its headquarters, forming new teams, and updating its platform to offer services such as Descriptive Standards for Materials, Goods Tax Classification, and Registration of Materials, Services, Customers, and Suppliers.

In 2017, Klassmatt became an S.A., which had a significant impact on its growth. Today, after 23 years in the industry, the company has positioned itself as an expert in Register Governance, Master Data Management, and Big Data. Our platform is used in more than 38 countries, with over 85,000 active users, and has successfully sanitized millions of items. Additionally, Klassmatt now offers a supplier approval platform called KLASSFORR alongside its existing services.

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At Klassmatt, we are dedicated to revolutionizing Master Data Management. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled experiences through cutting-edge products and services. We're committed to innovation, agility, and the utmost information security and governance.

Our vision is crystal clear - we aim to be the indisputable choice for Master Data Management (MDM) software and top-tier professional services.

Focus on results​, Ethic​, In customer focus​, We do it together​, Develop people​, Innovation and Excellence​.

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We’re passionate about driving companies through their digital transformation journey by revolutionizing how they manage information within their customer and supplier databases.
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Certifications, Compliance, and Partnerships:

Ensuring Regulatory Adherence at National and International Levels


Federal Supply Classification

Compliance with the United States Commodity Classification


United Nations Standard Product and Service Code - Alignment with International Product and Service Code Classification Standards

SAP Partner

Distinguished Membership within the SAP PartnerEdge Ecosystem


Tax Identification and Procedure Information - Adherence to Current Tax Questionnaire Standards


Product Classification and Description Compliance


Certified by the Ministry of National Defense


Platform that uses an algorithm in the deep learning language model, an arm of artificial intelligence.

Nato Codification

Expertise in Nato Codification/NCS Methodology


Partnership with the Electronic Commerce Code Management Association

KlassMatt University

Specialized Training Portal for Team Development

ScaleUP Endeavor

Acceleration Program for Rapidly Growing Companies in Brazil

Caldeira Institute

Innovation and Technology Hub in Porto Alegre (Brazil), fostering a Business Ecosystem


Software Facilitating Secure and Efficient Information Exchange with Customers and Suppliers

Procurement Garage

Specialized Consultancy for Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Mercado Eletrônico

SaaS Platform for Corporate B2B E-commerce Solutions

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